American Auction Software

American Auction Software for modern Auctioneers

Looking for American Auction software tailored for the Auctioneer? We can help.

Our software is built to help auctioneers to succeed in selling their assets online with ease.

Built using the latest in HTML5 web-based technologies, our software is both scalable and reliable for the modern American auctioneer. Our software facilitates the sale of assets online using timed, webcast, sealed-bid and pre-bidding selling options for the modern auctioneer.

Our software solutions are simple-to-use and user-friendly.

Employing the latest in HTML5 web technologies, we provide endless opportunities for auctioneers to create an online marketplace for their online bidders. Without the need to download and install apps, and with compatibility across all modern cell phones, tablets and browsers to open up bidding for each and every online bidder, regardless of where they live.

Brilliant online auction software that’s run off your own website

Our auction software is white-labelled and styled in your brand’s colours and logos to ensure that your brand is at the forefront of each and every interaction a bidder has with your brand.

We also utilise smart filtering technology and related item promotions to drive bidders directly to the items they’re after within the system.

Our online software is jam-packed with exciting features, like bid extension, lot staggering, and email out-bid notifications for online bidders participating in timed sales. Webcast auctions include the functionality for pre-bidding before and during an auction, and allow auctioneers to stream high-quality video and audio across the internet with little fuss.

American auction software to help you build a global brand

Our system has no start up costs, and is quick to set up. Setting up your first sale is easy, so you could be up and running with your very first sale in just a few hours.

Our online software is robust and scalable, allowing you to list as many photos and videos as you wish. With infinite text descriptions and pictures, every base for your online auction is covered.

Currency and language options enable interactions with a localised system for international bidders, and our in-built invoicing and payment gateway makes paying for items super easy.

We offer worldwide marketing and technical support for each and every sale, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We can also design tailored marketing campaigns, website design and more.

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